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Imagine no longer donning that facemask to bed at night. Wake up in the morning without those lines on your face! Listen to the hum of the CPAP machine no longer.

With oral appliance therapy, it is as easy as putting in a custom mouthpiece before going to sleep (one size fits all, over the counter snoring mouth guards rarely work and can damage teeth). Many patients who discover oral appliance therapy prefer this treatment to CPAP therapy.

If you're someone who hates wearing your CPAP, finding it more often under the bed than being worn, then call our office today. Untreated sleep apnea can lead to a bevy of negative health effects such as stroke, hypertension, sudden nighttime death, heart disease, obesity, depression, extreme daytime fatigue, and erectile dysfunction.

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An estimated 75% of sleep apnea patients discontinue wearing their CPAP masks. These patients are going without treatment and are vulnerable to the deteriorating health effects of sleep apnea, not to mention the persistence of loud snoring. Oral appliance therapy is the #1 alternative to CPAP. When you call now you will learn...

Member of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

Dr. Wilson is experienced in successfully treating patients through oral appliance therapy! He has helped hundreds of patients discover a way to treat their sleep apnea without the need of a CPAP machine.

Most medical insurances will cover the cost of an oral device, call today to see if you’re covered. CPAP Therapy may still be necessary for treating severe cases of sleep apnea. However, oral appliance therapy is ideal for the patient who is suffering from mild-moderate and severe sleep apnea but cannot tolerate CPAP. Dr. Wilson will work with your sleep physician to ensure oral appliance therapy will be your best method of treatment.

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